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Integrative Therapies & Services

Routine Wellness

Prevention is the best way to maintain your pet’s health! At our routine wellness check-ups, we cover any physical or behavioral issues that have arisen for your pet. This consists of a complete physical examination visit where we make time to discuss diet, lifestyle and any concerns you may have. At these appointments we will discuss any recommended diagnostics or preventative measures that may benefit you and your pet.

  • For puppies and kittens, we recommend a series of visits starting at 8 weeks of age where we can visit the topics of parasitism or other diseases that present risks for your pet as it grows. Screening tests and vaccinations for certain diseases are recommended and will be discussed.
  • For healthy adults, we recommend an annual wellness check, with any screening diagnostics indicated for your animal (more information available in the “diagnostics” section).

Preventive care

We offer vaccinations and medications that will help your healthy pet avoid problems with certain diseases and parasites. We talk with you about the risks your pet is likely to encounter, and make recommendations based on your pet’s environment and lifestyle. Common medications include flea, tick and heartworm preventatives.

Sickness care

When your pet is ill, we have a variety of therapeutic medicines that can offer relief or treatment, and these will be discussed with you and prescribed for the patient after an accurate diagnosis of their condition is obtained. These include antibiotics, heart medications and/or any standard therapeutic agent available for animals.


We offer the following alternative or complementary therapies and consultations:


  • Initial consultation: 60 minutes, $90 (+ cost of any herbs prescribed)
  • Follow up sessions: 30 minutes, $65
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  • Initial consultation: 60 minutes, $90 (+ cost of any herbs prescribed)
  • Follow up sessions: 30 minutes, $45 (for patients that only receive herbal TCM therapy)
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  • Initial consultation: 60 minutes, $90
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  • Initial consult: 60 minutes, $90

Western or Allopathic Medicine

We offer the following standard services and therapies:


We perform routine soft-tissue surgeries such as spays and neuters, as well as mass removals, wound repair or other minor procedures, and amputations as needed. We use standard injectable and inhalant anesthesia, and recommend pre-surgical diagnostic testing to evaluate organ function and parasite status prior to surgery. Dogs, cats, pot-belly pigs, monkeys, chickens, and rabbits welcome! Have a different species? Give us a call! To get an estimate for a surgery, please schedule an appointment for an examination and evaluation of your pet’s needs.
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We use an ultrasonic scaler to clean your pet’s teeth under general anesthesia. Extractions of teeth that are broken, diseased, or loose are performed at the same time. We recommend pre-surgical blood analysis to screen for any organ disease that would compromise your pet’s health, before general anesthesia. We also may prescribe peri-operative antibiotics if we are concerned about infection. Schedule a dental examination and we can provide you with a cost estimate for your pet’s procedure.

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We use an array of diagnostic tests and procedures to assist us with an accurate diagnosis of a problem, as well as for screening for potential problems:


We offer routine screening tests for healthy animals at discounted rates to make it more possible for our clients to take advantage of this tool for assessing overall health, and for early recognition of diseases their pets may be facing.

Routine wellness tests includes evaluation of blood chemistry and organ functions, and complete blood counts. Special tests for older animals and are included in our Senior Panel. Many tests are run “in-house,” but less common types are sent to a laboratory.

In addition, annual or biannual screening for tick-borne diseases and heartworm is recommended for dogs in our area. Screening for exposure to Feline Leukemia Virus or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is recommended for new cats and kittens.

We recommend all of the above before your pet would undergo anesthesia for a surgical or dental procedure.
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We recommend annual fecal examinations to check for intestinal parasites. Other tests that are done as needed include ear, skin or needle aspirate cytology and urinalysis, and screening of blood glucose in diabetics. We can also evaluate intraocular pressure and blood pressure as indicated. Urine cultures, surgical biopsy samples for histopathology and other metabolic or uncommon tests are sent to a referral laboratory.
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We offer digital x-ray imaging as needed. We refer to specialists for other imaging such as ultrasound, endoscopy, contrast radiography, CT and MRI.
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